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Therapy Yarn Suslu Medium Size 663 White, T-Shirt Yarn|Fabric|Sales Thousands of Color Optionsi T-Shirt Yarn Fabric, World Brand Therapy Yarns Export and Wholesale Detailed Product Information

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Therapy Suslu Yarn Medium Size 663 White, With Different Color Tones You can design interesting, decorative, handy objects with ornaments in black colors. Black Colors We will provide a perfect image on your objects.

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Therapy Suslu Yarn Medium Size 663 White, 1-4 cm It is a knitting yarn which can be obtained with 6-10 number knitting needle for a short period of time because it is a thick cloth yarn.

Therapy Suslu Yarn Medium Size 663 White, Approximately 75-80 Meters in Weight 450-550 Gr.

Products may be in different color tones of different fabrics, and the continuity of colors may not be in the same tones. From time to time is being installed on my Internet Site. Discover New Products and New Products colors. With Product Color Codes, When You Order the Product, the Product with the same color tone is sent.

Therapy Suslu Yarn Medium Size 663 White, Images of your products that you see on the screen are displayed with Professional Imaging devices and can be displayed in 2-3% difrend ratio on your monitor, mobile phone and other devices.

With this product you can design baskets, rugs,mats, toys, pufs, decorative kits, bathroom kits, decorative objects for home, bed for your pet and much more. Designing A Lot Of Products You Think Of In Your Hand ....

With this product, you can use 7-8 numbers 9 to 10 knitting needle, with Suslu Yarn Kitchen, Lounge, Bedroom, Living Room etc. For Fields, you can design decorative objects ..

You can design everything you imagine with our Süslü Yarns belonging to the Therapy Yarn brand. It is very easy to make enriched objects and remarkable objects with the ornate yarn of the social yarn of the Therapy Yarn brand. You can design glowing, attention-grabbing objects with the feature of being a silvery. Süslü Yarn Ergonomic Structure, glare is glaring with light. You can also try Süslü Yarn, More Sumptuous Designs You Can Get.

You can order our products from our Web site, 1 or more, or as a wholesale, with the your country, EFT, CREDIT card options and Customer Service on our Telephone Line, with our Customer Representatives, or by phone.

There are different shipping rates according to our Internet Site, the products you ordered, the countries and cities you are in. Your orders are delivered to the Cargo Company to be addressed to your address with our Contracted Cargos. The preparation time varies according to your order.

Our products are sent to your address as invoiced from our depomuz belonging to Therapy Yarn brand. We do not sell any products without invoice.

Looking for yarn for your crochet or knitting project? You can buy Therapy t-shirt yarn easily and cheaply online at Therapy Yarn.

 % 100 procent gerecycled, extra large en daarom uitermate geschikt voor haken en breien

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